Monthly Archives: February 2011

Silent Rising, a new sanctuary

The time had come when it no longer made sense to hide out in the depths of the Grand Canyon. Justin Larson has been invited to move to Canada to continue the development of their Wavecraft. Upon his return to their hideout he discovers the military has found his family and cohorts and they are forced to flee, leaving Dakota, Jay, and Evelyn behind. With coordinates they travel through the night, and in the morning they end up in a […]

Reporter-Herald Article

In the news It’s always nice to get acknowledgment for your efforts. It’s especially nice when it’s from a peer in the craft you are employing. Lynette Chilcoat is a freelance reporter for the Reporter-Herald in Loveland, Colorado. I recently met her at a writers group at Anthology Book Company where I shared my first book trailer for Silent Wave. One thing leads to another, and Lynette asked if she could do an article on my writing and efforts in […]

Silent Wave Trailer Michael Atman eBooks

Trailer The storyline of Silent Wave is presented in images that represent scenes from the book. The intention is to give readers a glimpse into the story without giving the story away. Since it’s the first book of the trilogy, the end is really just the beginning, and so the final scene of the book is in broad display. watch?v=itsXeAhiEto The scenes include “An Eagle at Hunt” which is the vision that starts the book, then AMT (Advanced Metal Technologies, […]

Harvesting Terra, a sea of purple

Aliens invade Earth and remove all oxygen breathing life forms from the surface, then disseminate a plant that engulfs the land. In 7 days what took hundreds of millions of years to evolve is for all practical matters gone. The few organisms the aliens missed aren’t likely to start a rebellion, let alone 3 kids that have nothing better to do than kick back and watch the transmogrification of the desert landscape around La Vegas turn to a sea of […]