Covers that didn’t make the cut

Sample cover 1 cover

This is one of those jobs that I thought was neat and I never heard back. Yes, some of book cover design is a big waste of time. This was also a photoshop challenge in that the ship wasn’t wrecked in this particular photo. The ocean scape is one of mine, but the derelict ship had to be distorted to fit the space, and then there was the reflection. Lots of work for nothing. So, if you’re an author and like the image, let me know. Please note that titles and authors are fictional, so if the names I’ve made up are yours, please ignore the coincidence.

Sample cover 1

This next cover, below, was a shot from Rocky Mountain National Park. The sky is from a storm in Loveland, Co. I was pretty sure it was safe to use Joe Blow as the author. Here again is another composite I’d be happy to part with. This turned out to be very moody, and I liked it, but once again not a peep from the author. Work for nothing.

Sample cover 2

Note: I typically do a full jacket, even if the author only requests an eBook cover.

Sample cover 2 cover

Brian Schwartz thought a play on the TV series Orange is the New Black would be a good theme for this cover. Once again there was no reply from the author. Since most of the time I don’t work directly with the author, I don’t know what other options they are shown. I thought this was rather good, but I guess not. Once again the title and author are fictional.

W. Wrong cover

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