eBook covers (part 3)

I confess I saw something similar when I produced this cover, but the art work I saw wasn’t actually art work. I’m pretty sure it was an image from Hubble. In my eBook cover sample, I painstakingly created the Sombrero Galaxy. It was a time consuming Photoshop project, but the kind that helps you learn how to blend layers. Sometimes I wish I had a full time job doing art scenes for futuristic movies.


Creator, which I hesitated to use because I don’t see God as the Creator, bestowed a cryptic meaning to the image. I’ll probably get some flack, but I’m getting used to it. My views on Religion aren’t in the mainstream. For anyone who wonders, I’m agnostic, not atheist.

My cover art that I produce is always at a high enough resolution for print. It’s just that most authors are seeing the sense to not even go that direction. Prove yourself first, then think about print.

Many of my covers are science fiction. That’s because I produce quite a little digital space art. Many of my images can be found in my Photo Art blog. Hope you enjoy.

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