eBook Covers (part 5)

So, this series is about art, and specifically about cover art. However, it’s a little difficult at the moment to concentrate solely on art with the direction this nation is headed, so since this is my blog I’m going to rant a little bit at the end, which you can skip if all you want to do is look at pictures.


Guardians is another of my favorite composites. As far as sci-fi goes, the title can certainly fit a scenario like protectors from an evil force invading a peace loving people. Unfortunately, it’s often the peace loving people that are blind to the evil that creates enemies. I think sometimes we are being driven to hate just to satisfy political agendas. And so now for a little ranting.

Although science fiction isn’t always my favorite genre to read, it is my favorite to write. Science fiction deals with human failings in a way that is supposed to guide man to a better future. As I look at our nation and it’s current direction, I can only hope that we use common sense before we are bankrupt or worse. It irks me to believe that so many are willing to go the current course and not realize that the outcome isn’t going to be pretty. So, what is a futurist to do? Say I told you so when the system collapses. I hate bringing politics into an artistic endeavor, but futurists, including myself I hope, take time to to explore the failings of man and can see the problems inhearent with democracy that leads men to dependency instead of autonomy. Being practical and conservative have become dirty words, and it sickens me to see the liberal agenda taking over the minds of so many. Just because politicians make promises doesn’t mean they can keep them. Unfortunately what we have to choose from is bad and really bad, and I fear most people just don’t get that. It would be nice to trash the government and start over, but since that isn’t possible at the moment, we better damn sure choose the lesser of two evils.

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