eBook Covers (part 8)

There are things in Photoshop, like spacecraft, that are a little hard to produce. I’m always curious what tools they use when making movies like Avatar or Prometheus. For the ships to really look real, I’m sure they are engineered with CAD before they even get to programs like Photoshop.


In Hope Landing, the spacecraft is actually a mulifacited model with numerous blending modes applied. I must confess, it looks more real than many of the ridiculous models you see on many Sci-fi covers. But then you also see stuff that is just super detailed and pretty believable, although I always scratch my head when I see rocket engines propelling them through space. I’ve never felt that interstellar travelers would rely on rocket engines to get anywhere. But you know Hollywood, when it comes time to land or take off, they want something that makes noise, and perhaps many Sci-fi writer are happy to accommodate.

Hope is actually the vessel I dreamt  up for Silent Landing, the final book in the Silent Trek series. Note the scale with the people in the foreground.

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