eBook Covers (part 9)

I always love pictures of nebula. There we see some of the most beautiful images of space. There are several techniques I use to get the colors and patterns, but most come from pictures of smoke taken on a pure black background. With a dozen or so images, ranging through the spectrum from deep reds to light blues, and everything in-between, I simply move layers around, creating patterns of color, and adjusting opacity to get the effects I desire. Once you add stars, about any arrangement looks like the depth of heaven.


Where Heaven Ends is similar to a nebula I saw taken with the Hubble. Usually I take note of the name, but somehow missed this one. It is hardly a replication, but is still believable enough to be real. That’s what makes Photoshop so much fun, and now with CS6 Extended, I get that true 3D feel.

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