Happy Holidays from Michael Atman

Sometimes it’s a little hard to be upbeat in a world with so many problems and so many fatalists declaring the end of the world. Oh no, 2012 is coming. Maybe we can rapture the nuts to the psych ward. Even though I’m getting old I have way too much living to do to not try and make the world a better place to live.

Holidays 2011 MA

Much of my fiction writing is about man moving forward. Sometimes I feel I should be writing about man ten thousand years from now instead of just around the corner. I guess I’m an optimist and believe that common sense will prevail.

So, just a wish for a happy holiday for 2013 when none of us are supposed to be around.

By the way, I now have all my novels available in eBook format at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Michael Atman

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