Harvesting Terra, a sea of purple

Aliens invade Earth and remove all oxygen breathing life forms from the surface, then disseminate a plant that engulfs the land. In 7 days what took hundreds of millions of years to evolve is for all practical matters gone. The few organisms the aliens missed aren’t likely to start a rebellion, let alone 3 kids that have nothing better to do than kick back and watch the transmogrification of the desert landscape around La Vegas turn to a sea of purple.

A sea of purple

The minds capacity for analysis and the instinct to survive soon drive our young protagonists to fight a battle they are ill equipped to wage. With ingenuity and the resources available for the taking, a plan soon evolves that will require a good deal of effort, risk, and more luck than anyone should expect in a lifetime.

Harvesting Terra was certainly an interesting scenario to develop and a tricky set of circumstances to deal with. The solution to overcome adversity came to me early enough that the story flowed to a reasonable conclusion. It’s not always easy to fathom the bizarre things that happen in Science Fiction, and being a bit of a realist keeps me from inventing implausible outs for my heroes.

The one thing that really blew my mind was when I started creating the jacket and I first added the purple alien weed. Purple to me seems so out of place in a landscape that nothing else looks real, and gee, nature loves purple, so I could never put my finger on the odd reaction.

Looking at bright red locomotives barreling through a sea of purple should turn a head. I would be interested to see Hollywood’s approach to this challenge.

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