Harvesting Terra

If aliens have the technology to colonize worlds, what worlds will have the defenses to stop them? Tavis Hunter is convinced Earth does not as the harvesting begins, and he out of sheer luck becomes one of a handful of survivors. All oxygen breathing organisms are vacuumed from the surface, and Earth transmogrifies into a sea of purple plants that quickly alter the ecosystem.

Tavis meets up with Dana and Bree, and they soon come to the realization that survival will depend upon ridding Earth of the aliens. The question is how, and what resources and ingenuity do three kids have to do anything about it? Harvesting Terra will make you root for our trio of protagonists as they take on an opponent that remains unperceptive that any force can be mounted to stop them.

This two part series deals with the reemergence of life on Earth as a genetic metamorphosis changes everything.



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