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Writing fiction:

I suppose if you want to be taken seriously you write non-fiction and display all of your credentials and accolades. If you want to make a point about finances, social unrest, collapsing economies or world markets, wars and conflict, health, government, taxes, religion, sex and relationships, or about a million other subjects, you’d better be an expert. No one else is supposed to know what they are talking about.

So how in fiction do you try and make a point and not come off preachy. It isn’t easy. The choir nods their heads, but unfortunately in fiction it isn’t always the choir that picks up your title.

I have no problem in my writing admitting I have an agenda. I see a bleak future with the destruction of our environment, and I see big government, big business, Wall Street, insurance, and last but not least, religion as the big culprits in the demise of the human species. I see the unchecked growth in population as a boon to the greedy that are willing to risk the future for power and luxury. We are so shortsighted that we think we can sit on our laurels and let the next generation tackle the problems.

I find little of what I read in fiction particularly concerned about the future, even in science fiction. Sure there is plenty written about post-apocolyptic nonsense, and dystopian worlds that let us glimpse at the future through the eyes of fatalists that want you to believe that some hero with a bow can set humankind on the straight and narrow path for a promising future. I admit I share some of their views, but I hope we don’t have to face ruin before we come to our senses.

Yes, I have a tendency to let things go to ruin in my stories so that I can show that there are other options. Building a better tomorrow through self-reliance is my answer, and a prevalent theme in all of my writing. And why face any of it without a little romance?

I know many of my views differ from the mainstream, but isn’t it clear that most of our problems come from the plunderers capitalizing on our weaknesses and shortcomings, and the wusses crying for justice. I have little sympathy for the freeloaders, the drunks, the bullies, the greedy, or for the complacent that are willing to close their eyes to all the ills that befall humankind. Life isn’t just about instant gratification. We have to care, and we have to try and make a difference.

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