Kristen James, a Love Affair with Writing

Facebook seems to be a new force in marketing. Kristen James is banking on it. It’s part of her strategy to get fans to purchase her eBooks. She only just started her Facebook campaign the 1st of March and is already getting positive feedback.

Another strategy is giving away eBooks through Amazon in hopes of getting good reviews. It’s the spark all writers hope for that haven’t landed a big publisher. It’s the way Amanda Hocking got her start, and Amanda Hocking is certainly one of my hero’s.

For all of those authors, like me, that have pursued the agent publisher route without success and are just too stubborn to give up, there is definitely hope on the horizon. There is a new model out there that promises a far better return on your efforts if you are persistent enough to go viral on the Internet. The only stipulation is that you are good enough to attract and hang on to an audience.

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Kristen James works as a full time author, freelance writer/ghostwriter, editor, and book publisher. She lives on the river and enjoys the outdoors like most Oregonians do. A few of her hobbies include reading, cycling, fishing and camping. Kristen and her husband Lem are a modern “Brady Bunch” with six kids, so many of their activities are group activities!

Kristen is a Kindle author – all her novels are Kindle eBooks for $2.99. Check out Diversity Problems, a switch from her normal genre that delves into Science Fiction.

Kristen states “I dreamed of writing novels when I was little and still love story telling. My school published one of my short stories when I was in the fourth grade, and I realized other people might like to read what I wrote. I saved up and bought my own typewriter and soon was tapping out books over summer break. I have several published books now and I work as an editor and full time writer.

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I set my books in the Pacific Northwest where I live because I love it so much. My love of fishing extended into my writing world – I’m on staff along with my husband, Lem James, to edit Kype Magazine, a great resource about salmon, trout and steelhead fishing.

I love writing very short stories, called flash fiction, and novels. I work as a freelancer and ghostwriter – you can find my articles on many different websites, and I’ve ghostwritten content for websites, countless eBooks and reports and even many book length projects.”

Kristen is a member of AAW (An Association of Writers) in Roseburg Oregon.

Update: Check out Kristen’s progress. She is now in the top 100 authors with Kindle at Amazon.

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