Michael Atman, My Spock Persona

I put my faith in reason, logic and truth before Spock became my hero. As a Trekkie I take an agnostic view of religion, but I fall short of the collectivist views of Gene Roddenberry. What works on a starship doesn’t necessarily work in society. I am also a fan of Michael Crichton and Carl Sagan, who were brave enough to express controversial views in their fiction. I have an idealistic view of the future while remaining realistic about human nature and the roles played by governments, religions, and commerce.

After graduating from Colorado State University (Pueblo) in 1970 with a BS in Industrial Technology, I spent the next thirty years as a business owner and operator, which bolstered my conservative values. As a futurist and near future adventure speculative fiction author, I write with hope that the human race will face reality sooner than later, create a sustainable future with technology, and adopt science as the true course to understanding. I fear that human desire for power, money, and instant gratification will lead humanity to the brink of annihilation before man evolves into something smarter. I admit it’s a fine tightrope to walk in a world where half the population still puts their faith in fear-mongering prophets who bolstered their credibility with the illusion they were disciples of God or Allah.

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As an Indie author and Photo Artist that came to grips with the digital revolution too late in my first foray into self publication, I have come to the reality that most websites and blogs, and social networking on Facebook and Twitter are a big waste of time if no one knows who you are. Obscurity has given me time to hone my skills and put together a substantial body of work. I have been writing since the mid 90’s, but just recently I began to promote my work in eBook format on the Internet.

I blog about Indie Authors, Photographers, Photo Art, Photoshop, eBook covers, and Autonomous Superstructures called OsumPODS, and I use my home site at www.spirepress.com and www.spirepress.com to navigate to all three blogs and to online retailers of books and photo art. Please take time to explore all I have to offer.


Michael Atman

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  1. Don’t meet many people with my last name. Love your space photos. Can I use one in one of stories as a background? Check out my website and let me know if that’s okay.

    Thanks! Fello Trekker, Johanna

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