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If I were Stephen King, Michael Crichton, Dean Koontz, or about any author other than who I am, you might actually be seeking me out for my opinion. Since you are here, I have to assume you happened to stumble here because of Google or some other search engine. Well, welcome.

Do I think my work is every bit as good as some of my favorite authors? Better in some ways. I like my work. It’s honest. I don’t write to a mass market with expectations of having homage for my brilliance or style. I don’t use a format that makes me a must read for a particular genre. I’m not afraid to take on the world. I see the world as upside down in the direction we are headed.

Is there some reason to care about the future? Once I’m dead, does it really matter? I can’t answer either question with any certainty, except I have a vision of a better tomorrow. I preach it. I’m also writing nonfiction and trying to get the world to build OsumPODS. For more on the subject, please visit my OsumPODS blog.

I know I’m in the same boat as the vast majority of authors. I want recognition. Why? Because I have something to say that might actually help, or at least entertain. Am I on the right path? Time will tell I guess. I hate to think I’ll be discovered after I’m dead, and dammit, I’m getting old enough that I’m starting to get concerned.

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Fiction with Foresight is predicated on the idea that the future of man is in jeopardy. It’s a theme in my writing. I’m a futurist, so I try and find ways for my protagonists to survive, and perhaps have a little fun and excitement in the process. I work to keep it real, and I have no problem bashing what I find absurd.

If you’re perhaps seeking advice as an author, there is no way for me to tell you to be brave and honest, and you will be successful. Maybe someday I’ll tell you that with confidence. For now, I must be content that I’m following my conscience.

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