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This July the Fort Collins Digital Camera Club had its annual portraiture shoot. I’m not a portrait photographer, nor do I have the equipment, but I have a good friend in the club that shares his setup, which helps. While he’s shooting with a D810 Nikon, I’m still shooting with a D200, so there’s no way I can compete in quality of images. Still, the D200 is plenty good enough for the Internet.

vogue mockup

Above is a Vogue mockup, just for fun, because how often does a model get to be a cover girl? The extraction was a little difficult because the background was like camouflage, but I hand touch my extractions anyway. Photoshop has tons of tricks, but none work as good as just erasing the edges with a small brush at about 80% hardness. Hair is a different matter. I’ve added an outside glow for a backlighting effect. Not sure Vogue would ever do this.

Cosmo mockup

Next is my Cosmos girl. Sexy dress, so I thought Cosmopolitan was a better fit. It’s hard to find a cover without SEX in their articles. I don’t like to be my own critic, but this looks just like Cosmopolitan to me. Note the ISBN is an actual ISBN off a book I did. Hope no one gets confused.

FCDCC Kill Bill

Here is a fun little poster. Our model from a previous shoot was an Uma Thurman lookalike, so it was fun to see how close I could come to the theatrical poster. If you don’t look at both you might get fooled.

Angelic Ways

It’s not often you get to photograph an angel. Here I’ve done a mockup of a book cover with a fictional author, Deka Day. I haven’t Googled to see if there is a Deka Day author, but what are the chances? It always amazes me to go to these events and see how many really stunning girls there are in this world. It’s always fun to try and make them just a little more so with just the right pose and lighting, and of course a little airbrushing. I think everyone knows that’s the norm.

A Holiday in France 2 cover

This young lady was a real sweetheart. Amazing eyes, and such poise. She was really fun to work with. Anyway, I told her mother I’d do a mockup book cover, and here is one I’d worked on that didn’t sell. Below is the full jacket.

A Holiday in France 2

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