Planet Passing

What lurks in the universe? For the moment we can only pray that the dice are in our favor, for there is no escape from Earth, and no means of survival if the ecosystem is destroyed. Astronomers have an eye on the cosmos, and although there are some concerns of an astroid impact, no one has envisioned a passing planet that will drag the moon into an elliptical orbit so radical that its return will wreck havoc on the world, and will potentially do so for tens of thousands of years. What are the hopes of man if something so devastating ever happens?

Planet Passing pits survival against forces unimagined as the worlds oceans are pulled across the continents. Anything in the wake of the giant tsunamis will be destroyed, and the only survivors will be those that reach high ground. Who will determine who will live and who will die?

Court Callahan is an astronomer set out to erect an advanced eye on the sky on the top of Mount Humboldt. He is looking deep into space hoping for answers. He never dreamed he would be thrust into a game of planetary billiards, but as events unfold, playing the game with precise calculations is humanities only hope, and the man for the job has his own trials and tribulations to deal with. Nothing can be done but brace for the first event, but hopes are pinned on changing the course of the moon with precise nuclear explosions. Will science be mans salvation?



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