Resurrecting Terra eBook coming soon

I’ve read you should start promoting as soon as you have an idea. Well, I’m not that brave. Resurrecting Terra is the sequel to Harvesting Terra, which is available from Amazon and Barnes & Nobel for $2.99. Keep an eye out, because I’ll put Harvesting Terra into KDP Select and it will be free before the launch of Resurrecting Terra. Although Resurrecting Terra is now written, I’m going though final edit, and then it has to be formatted into an eBook. Hopefully this will all be done by midsummer.

RT cover 2TL

Harvesting Terra is about kids saving Earth after an alien invasion. It should appeal to fans of Harry Potter, except the aliens are a bit more destructive than Voldemort. Although the kids are partially successful in their first mission of ridding Earth of an alien infestation, unfortunately a mother ship crashes and aliens survive. Resurrecting Terra deals with the surviving aliens.

HT cover 2TL

I think the books have an appeal for the young adult reader, but because of the sex, a lot of parents aren’t going to want their kids reading these novels. I tried to leave the sex out, but it just didn’t work. After all, they have to repopulate Earth after most of the human population is vacuumed from the face of the planet. As usual, I try to use logic to point out some of human failings, and how the kids are determined to not make the same mistakes. There is always hope for the future, which is a theme in all of my novels.

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