Silent Wave, the beginning

SW1 2014

Stories begin with a vision, and perhaps an agenda. Writers obviously approach their craft with some forethought as to how to reach the conclusion, thus the plot and the development of their characters. It is seldom a simple process.

My stories are all character driven. My plots are vague at best when I start. I never outline. To do so would mean my characters must act in a given way. I like writing without limitations.

Silent Wave began with a vision. Inventions can change the course of evolution, although most are a mere ripple in a vast ocean of ideas. Few measure up to the wheel, or the eventual creation of airplanes or computers. But suppose a levitation craft came along that made all other forms of transportation obsolete. Think of the impact, and thus began a trilogy that concludes on an alien planet.

My vision of Silent Wave begins in the narrows in the San Rafael Reef near Green River, Utah, when Justin Larson seeks a place to test his prototype wavecraft. The beginning of this story went though numerous rewrites, but was always inspired by a picture in my mind, which I have recreated in a photograph entitled: An eagle at hunt. Excerpt follows:

He was imagining he was suspended, looking down from the sky like an eagle at hunt, destined it seemed to float as free as the breeze, and for a brief moment, Justin Larson lolled in that whimsical dream. Then fear crept back like a tickle from some hair-raising scavenging insect crawling up inside his pants leg. It wasn’t so much a conscious fear as a nagging wariness that refused to let go. Apprehension had plagued him from the very beginning, from that first moment when he realized what he and his son had discovered would have a profound impact on humanity. Yet they had proceeded, blindly perhaps, entranced by what appeared to be good fortune. And now, because of this decision he knew his thriving business and even his family were at risk; committed, at least in spirit, to advance a technological breakthrough that would utterly alter societal evolution. And so time, relentless as it is, had brought him to this juncture.

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