Trek to the Future

The future is perilous and uncertain. We are destroying our environment. Without change, man may face extinction. Trek to the Future looks to logic and truth to be man’s salvation.

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Without a future there is no sense in our existence! Enlightenment is the true hope for all tomorrows, where wisdom will grow from logic and truth, then knowledge and common sense will be our guiding beacons! The future will demand we face reality, where independence will be the key to sustainability, sustainability the key to our survival, self-reliance our way to make life better for everyone, to help save the environment so all life can flourish! Imagination is as boundless as infinity! Like infinity, eternity has no beginning or no end, for beginnings are just a mark in time! We can make everything with skill so waste is eliminated, and create something good for all tomorrows, then new frontiers will come with patience, and our promise will be found! All life must end, for evolution is the way of nature! So don’t cry when the sunset fades, laugh because you saw it! May we have clean air to breathe, sunshine for warmth, pure water to quench our thirst, and a pristine Earth to live on!

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