Silent Landing, the wonders of an alien world

One of the fun things about science fiction is to imagine something more spectacular than Earth. While I didn’t envision Viridian quite like Pandora, it is certainly described as being more exotic and varied than we know Earth, not that there aren’t spots of paradise on our home planet.

SL 8

Viridian is slightly smaller, slightly faster spinning, slightly lower gravity, with mountain 4 times higher, trees 2 times taller, and of course Jurassic type monsters. It is a plethora of life, unspoiled, but somewhat unstable. Our protagonist and crew accept they’ve found something worth preserving, and promise to never spoil the planet.

SL xx crash

They arrive with enough advanced tools that there is never real hardship, although they toil as though there is no tomorrow. The sea delivers an alien starship during a violent storm, which proves to be a treasure trove of advanced technology never dreamed of on Earth. They may have never uncovered the secrets of all they find, except they discover 3 aliens in suspended animation.

When things seem too good to be true, they usually are. Within a year of landing comes a sister ship with men bent on turning Viridian into another Earth. Struggling to make good prevail is a challenge for us all, no matter our circumstance. Recognizing good or evil isn’t always straightforward. It is an everyday challenge for us all. We exist but don’t always listen to our conscience. We often do as we are told and fall into the cycle of being part of the system. Having principles we’re willing to fight for is our only hope. Silent Landing is about that hope.

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