Silent Landing

Trecking into space and searching out a new beginning is a risk Justin Larson never fathomed as the inventor of force fields, but leaps in technology have given him the tools, and a hope for survival has given him the fortitude. As luck would play out, he and his crew are given directions to a habitable world they name Viridian. Creating a new sanctuary and starting over with an idealistic vision of preserving the world they are given proves to be more of a challenge than Justin ever imagined.

Changing the nature of man doesn’t come easy, and as their colony grows with the arrival of their sister ship, challenges grow with conflicting visions of the future. Even with more advanced technology they’ve gained from an alien mothership, having the ability to heal and prolong their lives, and molecularly manufacture anything they want, doesn’t deter human desires of power and wealth. Can man ever live and let live and be contented? Can man evolve and become the stewards of the universe? Can one man care enough to make a difference?



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