Silent Rising, a new sanctuary

The time had come when it no longer made sense to hide out in the depths of the Grand Canyon. Justin Larson has been invited to move to Canada to continue the development of their Wavecraft. Upon his return to their hideout he discovers the military has found his family and cohorts and they are forced to flee, leaving Dakota, Jay, and Evelyn behind.

SR home Canada4

With coordinates they travel through the night, and in the morning they end up in a meadow:

The fog lifted to an open patch of meadow that bordered a lonely highway with a strip of pavement running perpendicular, then curving through the lush grassy valley. At the edge of the forest was a stark white complex of geometric forms, consisting of four independent structures connected by three expansive glass catwalks. The avant-garde estate was nearly buried in the trees, but stood out like a glacier at the edge of an emerald sea.

The saga continues with the advancement of Waser, a force that drives their 3rd generation craft in excess of Mach 25. Waser is focused into an unbelievable deadly weapon, and thus Justin Larson is forced to deal with the very powers he swore he’d never develop. The world is his to control, but Justin has other plans that will ultimately lead him on a new adventure.

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