Silent Wave Trailer Michael Atman eBooks


The storyline of Silent Wave is presented in images that represent scenes from the book. The intention is to give readers a glimpse into the story without giving the story away. Since it’s the first book of the trilogy, the end is really just the beginning, and so the final scene of the book is in broad display.


The scenes include “An Eagle at Hunt” which is the vision that starts the book, then AMT (Advanced Metal Technologies, Inc.) the fictional business where my protagonist and his son build their prototype wavecraft. The imaginary structure is south of Moab with the La Sals as a backdrop. The hair-raising adventure goes into full swing when two Army choppers catch them testing in the San Rafael Reef, and then it’s off to the Cataract Canyons where they bide their time while working on a deal with a consortium of investors.

Things get more desperate after Justin Larson is abducted and his son Derek nearly gets trapped by a posse. The scene of Justin envisioning the good of his invention is only a dream, but the vision of his love and companion Julie brings the first episode of this saga to an end.

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