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As I’m sure all writers do from time to time, we stop and evaluate what we are doing, like some revelation has hit us in the face and we can say oh well, I guess my writing was a big waste of time, so I think I’ll just stop. But then I realize that writing really matters. This sort of introspection is good for us all, writers and readers alike.


Why now? Well, I reread a review of my first novel, Silent Wave that was highly critical, not just of my writing but my views. I was compared to Ayn Rand, like she was some zealot, pissed because she felt persecuted, and then the Tea Party, like they are a bunch of idiots. Personally, I don’t compare myself to Ayn Rand, and I’m not a member of the Tea Party, but I must say Ayn Rand had a lot more common sense than the idiots that are so happy with interdependence and believe a socialist government is the ultimate answer, and it’s for sure this stupid ass country will soon have a dictator without a good dose of conservatism. In my opinion, it won’t change until the fucking idiots are staring death in the face because the whole economy has collapsed and they don’t have gas to get to a grocery store that has no groceries. Yes, I’m talking about the person that wrote the critique.

We live in a new age with the whole Indie Author thing, which is now gaining some respect. True, the big publishers help authors polish their work, but I’ve read many novels by top authors that didn’t seem so polished to me. Does that excuse mistakes? No. Have I made some in my writing? Yes. Do I try and correct them? Yes.

So I have a teenage girl in Silent Wave who is attracted to a man in his late twenties. Whoop-de-do. Man, how can we have young girls and older guys being attracted to one another? I guess because older guys and young girls have affairs all the time, it might seem like it’s okay to have characters in books have those kind of feelings, even if the plot doesn’t need the distraction. I decided to see how much flak Anita Shreve got for Fortune’s Rocks. I read reviews and she got her share, and I think, what is it with people? It’s always interesting to me to see how people act so high and mighty when it comes to sex and relationships, and then turn around and watch porn to get what they aren’t getting from their partner.

I’m afraid I’m a realist that sees things the way they are, yet believes that logic and truth can somehow turn things around so that humanity will have a brighter future. And last but not least, Silent Wave is the first book in a trilogy, so the intention was to leave the reader hanging.

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  1. I really enjoyed your first book and am ready to read where the story line goes. I see the path our country is on and I am deeply concerned. I find your thoughts on this to be exceptionally accurate and hope you continue to put pen to paper for the greater good. I see on a continual basis how every one is no longer taking responsibility for their own actions and blaming things on inanimate objects. Look at gun control. Society is blaming the firearm for these horrible things. However more people are killed by drunk or distracted drivers every week than are killed in a year by guns. People are expecting the government to save, protect, and care for them instead of getting off their lazy butts and doing it themselves. It is very refreshing to hear that I am not alone in my beliefs. Thank you

    • A new edition of Silent Wave will soon be available with added graphics. The new version is also audio edited for text to voice playback. The new version of Silent Rising should be available later this summer, and Silent Landing before Christmas. The Future Teller is my vision of a future independent of mass infrastructure and big government. Technology may be man’s salvation yet if we can keep focused on a sustainable lifestyle.

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