Silent Wave

Technology is changing life for the masses for sure, but mostly it’s convenience gadgets like computers in watches, tablets and cell phones that help people search the web for restaurants and motels or look for answers for tidbits of trivia. Too much of technology is geared toward personal convenience, and Justin Larson knows that an invention like force fields capable of levitation will change the future of humanity. The significance of personal flying machines that are surrounded by a protective field of energy, and capable of speeds and efficiencies unheard of in avionics is apt to revolutionize the transportation industry, and put a fair share of manufactures out of business. He sees it as a particular boon to creating invincible armies, and in that realization, he is determined to develop his invention in secret and build it for the masses. Thus the stage is set for a trilogy of novels, Silent Wave the beginning of a lifelong saga, and an adventure that eventually takes Justin and his cohorts and family to a new world and a new beginning in Silent Landing.

Change is a threatening thing, and propelling mankind into the future has its risks and challenges. Justin is convinced that the environment is being destroyed and he sees his wavecraft as a way to help save it. What he can envision turns out to be insignificant compared with what he cannot fathom, for he only sees the good of his invention and never imagines that he has created a force that is destined to become the most lethal weapon man has even known.



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