The eBook Business and Amanda Hocking

So, I just read this amazing success story about a girl, 26, who writes mostly about vampires and self-published on Amazon. In a year she has probably made more money than the majority of writers that opt for the conventional agent slash publisher route. Amanda Hocking is my hero.

Why haven’t I been a success like Amanda Hocking??? Well, I guess I missed the bloggers that blog about books. Why didn’t I think about that????


Here I am world, and I’m worth reading.

It’s interesting that she is extremely prolific. Apparently she hardly sleeps or does anything else. She can turn out a novel in a few weeks. I love to write, but I do some research, and I have always felt that it’s a good idea to let what I write rest. I love to come back and edit, so for me, a novel takes a good year to be ready to publish.

As you can see from my blogs I have a love of photography, at least the post processing part. I never take a photo and leave it as it comes out of the camera. I’m just saying I spend time doing other things.

Am I jealous? Damned straight. This whole marketing thing bugs me. I have ideas about marketing that I’m pursuing because the Internet is a mess and I hope to do some house keeping by offering a new way to find what you want. More about that in a later post.

Amanda Hocking did none of that. She simply found an audience. Mine has eluded me. I’m doing the blog thing, three times over, and Facebook and Twitter. I’m helping people with tutorials. I’m recognized by my peers in photography as a real contender in the enhanced category of imagery. Hey Twitter, yoo-hoo, I’m here.

So, Amanda Hocking, here is my best to you, and thanks to proving to me that my dream isn’t impossible.

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