The “Fiscal Cliff” and why you should read “The Future Teller”

When I wrote “The Future Teller” there was no talk about the “Fiscal Cliff”. However, the message in “The Future Teller” was all about being prepared for the crash. Unfortunately, too few have read the message, and no one is building OsumPODS. As the author of “The Future Teller”, I would be the logical person to start building prototypes, but I’m afraid I don’t have the energy or the money. The first OsumPODS are going to be quite expensive until someone builds a robot to spray cast the modules.

over the cliff

Getting people to seek their independence through technology seems to be way down on the list of priorities. TVs and iPODs are more important than OsumPODS. No one expects the electrical grid to collapse in the near future, or for the “Fiscal Cliff” to be more than more taxes and a little inflation. It could be nothing more since it’s impossible to look into a crystal ball, but when you look at the numbers and realize that the 16 trillion debt is nothing compared to the 80 plus trillion in liabilities the US government is on hook for, it’s easy enough to reason a day will come when the US won’t be able to pay its debts. When the checks quit coming for Social Security plus thousands of other government programs, then the country is going to riot.

FT book copy

Building the future with off-grid structures is the best way to create independence, plus a more efficient way of living. Knowing you can survive the crash should be worth the effort for everyone.

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