The Future Shaper

Although written, I like to put my stories to rest and revisit them after I contemplate what I’ve done. In The Future Shaper, I’ve set the world at war while my protagonist works in a sanctuary on the edge of the Atacama Desert in Chile. He is there for his passions and his visions, and he is a part of an experiment aimed at reinventing the human genome and the technologies that will secure mans place in the cosmos. It is about realizing that man faces extinction simply because our need for gratification trumps the reality of our circumstance. We live on a finite world in an infinite universe, and until we have the option to leave this world, we had better be heedful of its limits to support life. We are a part of an ecosystem that is being trashed so we can have cars to commute to work so we can earn money to buy cars so that we can commute to the grocery store, so that we can have enough energy to have sex and babies that will grow up to buy cars. We are in a nonsensical loop of commercialism that’s depleting our natural resources and poisoning the environment in the process.

Jake Tanner is on a quest to find a solution, conflicted with his own situation where he has taken multiple wives and fathered more than his share of children, knowing that although the war has depleted the worlds population, that man will eventually come back and flourish in spite of the deterrents. He expects that misery is the potential outcome. With genetic alterations that have eliminated the death gene, he realizes he must face the future if he is to shape it.



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