The Future Teller

Freedom is an ideal, and one that many Americans are proud of. Just how free are we as individuals or even as a society? We’re free to make money so we can pay taxes and buy groceries. We’re free to buy insurance. We’re free to build houses and buildings that meet government rules and regulations. We’re free to try and live off the land as long as we obey more rules and regulations.

Truth be told, we as a group of people are so interdependent and tied to mass infrastructure and commerce, that if anything goes wrong, you’d better own a gun and be willing to use it. Plenty of people will shoot you if it comes to dog eat dog.

The Future Teller is about autonomy and independence. It’s about being self-reliant in a world where no one makes it on their own. It’s about a man that sees a house of cards tumbling to the ground, that’s determined to be prepared and still live in comfort. It’s also about finding love where a man isn’t supposed to be looking.

Building OsumPODS inspired this adventure. Be sure to visit my blog on OsumPODS and weigh the advantages for yourself. It’s a bottoms up approach to sustainability and helping save the environment in the process. It’s about building a better tomorrow.



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