The Future Teller, a hope for sanity

The world may seem pristine in many places we visit, but appearances don’t always show the true picture. With a test tube and a microscope, a little investigation proves man’s hand reaches everywhere. We worry about climate change, and although global warming is probable, it’s hardly the issue it’s made out to be. The real killer is chemicals, and all the little byproducts that end up in landfills, in streams and rivers, in the soil and air, and eventually in the oceans.

The true indicator is the rise of pollution related disease, deformities and ailments that extend past the human population and into nature. The world is slowly dying, but slow from our perspective will be like a blink of an eye in eternity. What we are doing requires immediate attention.

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The Future Teller is about vision. It’s about seeking new ways to avoid calamity. It’s about a man that seeks independence through autonomy, and sees a way to create a sustainable environment. He builds a prototype superstructure near Castle Gardens, a spot where ancient tribes visited and carved their motifs on the high planes of Wyoming.

Proving that man can live and prosper without the heavy hand of government, world consumerism, and mass infrastructure has some foreboding forecasts. The change won’t be easy, or accepted by everyone.


An except from The Future Teller:


In haunting dreams there is no beauty, or anything desired. There is neither peace nor licentious rapture to coax the baleful demons away. In these visions his soul is stirred by a restless wind that demands more than he has to offer, for it seems revelations have come to haunt him, and all he can do is stand witness to a world surging ahead full of hate, greed, and corruption into a vortex of unstoppable plunder. It is a sorry place to dwell.

This fitfulness has become his nighttime companion, as though he has an obligation to make a change and is somehow responsible for all of Earth’s creatures; and he with so few connections in a power driven world. What matter that he can see a better road to follow. Surely most souls can see something better than the depravity of fearful submission. What plagues infest the world with fear, and what are the answers? That men buy insurance with their pocketbooks and their souls, as though doing so is a means to the end. And what does the end have in store if not more corruption and greed, except perhaps in death where blissful promises are muddled with subterfuge, and blind faith is the only way to ingest the ruse.

No answer is simple. The complexity of the mind will not allow it. Yet the principle he sees is the simple yearning of all. Let me be. Could anyone ask for more?

It seems desire is a force driven with hunger, that will not let anyone be. It is a force that has shaped the world since the beginning of consciousness.

He is happy enough to be a servant to his dreams, for there he sees an answer. He believes true independence will help to free men from the shackles of commerce and government. With freedom he sees the hope that wells up inside him. He knows it is built on principle where truth is his sword, and logic his beacon. But in his dreams he also sees pitfalls and dangers, for the path leads where all will not follow.

In his years, although not so many he should foresee the future, he has witnessed enough to know the path to a sustainable existence is not the objective of a global economy, for it is a way without honor or restraint that feeds the Machiavellian souls of overindulgent plutocrats. It is the opium that blinds the mind from the heedless rape of the environment. It is the lubricant that facilitates the malignancy of human neglect and thoughtlessness.

From politicians and top executives to janitors and dishwashers, all are hooked to the safety net of a burgeoning populous with a compulsion to own. It matters not that the safety net is unraveling with holes so large even nations can fall into ruin.

Is it any wonder his nights are fitful, although in the twilight he can hardly reconcile that his thoughts are worth the tossing and turning. Who will listen? How can a world gone mad come to grips with the future? How can an idea make a difference?


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