The Future Teller (update)

The world is in crisis. This may not be evident, because time seems to move slowly, and many people are of the opinion that human problems will be resolved and everything will be hunky-dory, or if doom comes, those deserving to be saved will be raptured to heaven and sinners will be left to face eternal damnation. This is utter nonsense. Humans need to wake up, for in reality we are destroying our planet, and the only thing that is not clear is how long we have before the air is no longer breathable, the water no longer drinkable, and the soil no longer fruitful. It is clear that man cannot continue to multiply, for there are limits to everything. Earth is finite, not infinite, and resources will eventually be depleted. Our poisons will eventually pollute everything.

In The Future Teller this is self-evident to my protagonist. He is a survivor. He wants to live without mass infrastructure and still have his creature comforts. He foresees the collapse of world economies, and predicts that terrorist see the vulnerability of the grid as a way to bring the United States to her knees, and the world into chaos. The Future Teller is the beginning of a series to be followed by The Future Shaper to be published in the fall of 2015. The series examines the looming dilemma and the efforts of forward thinkers that believe that man has a place in the cosmos.

Promoting an idea through fiction or in film is often more popular than the news, trade magazines, documentaries, TV or radio. However the word is spread, the chore is to gain a following. Self promotion without backing is a chore, but currently the only door I have open. See how one man sets out to save himself and the world, and enjoy a tale of promise in a world in crisis. The Future Teller is currently available from Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble.

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