The Stellar Quest

It is not unusual to go through a number of iterations to reach a final product. So it goes with creating book covers that will help sell a book and give the reader something to ponder. I like book covers that help tell the story, and so many covers out there do nothing but give you the title and the author. Sometimes that’s enough if you’re James Patterson or Clive Cussler. Still, I’d rather see a scene from the novel that I can relate to.

The author of The Stellar Quest, Paul Alexander Fichera was fairly sure where he wanted to go. This first cover was of a sea on Earth with the moon, but didn’t exactly fit the storyline.

Paul Fichera cover

The second attempt was a landscape from the Bisti in New Mexico, but the smiling girl and 4 columned city weren’t exactly the ticket.

Paul Fichera 2 cover

The third attempt was to be the surface of Mars. The girl in a passage from the novel was described as in red shorts with a striped shirt. As it turns out the creation I used was more provocative than the author wanted. The Mars like landscape is actually Hell’s Half Acre in Wyoming.

Paul Fichera 3 cover

So, everything worked but the girl, and so back to the drawing board. I found a white dress and used the girls face, one I created in Photoshop by compositing several faces. Below is the cover that went to press.

Paul Fichera 4 cover

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