Unstoppable: Fast Paced Action

How exciting can a runaway train be? Well, it had me fidgeting in my seat. Of course, I love trains, which is probably evident if you look at the cover of Harvesting Terra.


So, what does a science fiction near future adventure novel have in common with a real life story? For one, an exciting train scene. True, it would probably last less than 15 minutes in a movie, but there’s plenty of action before and after, plus some not so nice aliens to deal with.

There are only 3 main characters in Harvesting Terra, the oldest a boy who is just 17, so it won’t have Denzel Washington or Chris Pine in it either. Maybe Chris Pine has a handsome younger brother. Harry Potter is fun, so I’m betting you’ll be rooting for these young heroes.

You needn’t wait for the movie however. With a little imagination you’ll see the action. Check it out. Read Harvesting Terra before the movie.

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