Wavecraft, levitation vehicles of the future

I seldom have dreams where I can fly, but I have over the years, and it’s always been a fun and weird experience. I think I’d love to be a bird. However, I’m not a great fan of riding in airplanes, not that I haven’t had great trips, and I love looking out the window, but I have had a few flights in my life when I would have gladly gotten off the damn plane and walked to my destination.

So, not being an avid flyer, you might ask what compelled me to write about wavecraft. The fact of the matter is I don’t much care for cars, although they are pretty much a necessity if you want to get around. So what don’t I like about cars? Well, they are noisy, dangerous, confined to roads for the most part, and you always have the potential of getting stuck in traffic, or getting stopped by a cop if you abuse some stupid rule, and believe me I’ve been pissed getting some tickets I didn’t feel I deserved, especially when you see idiots zooming down the road that are probably apt to kill someone.

Wavecraft 2

When you think about birds, you think about total freedom. Unfortunately, aircraft depend upon aerodynamics, and thus are cumbersome because of their dependence on wings or lift from air flow. I certainly envisioned more freedom than depending on air, and so I developed Wave Propulsion, or levitation by force fields. Imagine being surrounded by force fields, an impenetrable layer that could protect your craft and propel it at amazing speeds.

Wavecraft 1

Since I love to explore, I could envision what it would mean to float dead still and be able to reach out and touch a face of a cliff, or step out on the top of Mount Everest. Aircraft do not afford that luxury. And so with that single thought I gave some consideration of what that would mean to humanity. Certainly the military would want it, and car manufacturers would shake in their boots when they realized their product would be obsolete. Silent Wave, Silent Rising, and Silent Landing were the result of a single thought. I hope you enjoy the idea that a man would want to develop such an idea for the good of humanity.

Wavecraft 3rd gen

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